Audi allroad 4.2L Timing Chain Replacement

In this post I will be giving a look at the inner workings of the timing system on the 4.2L BAS code Audi V8. This engine was commonly found in the Audi allroad in 2004 and 2005 as well as other V8 Audis. This was the first generation of the 4.2L V8 with timing chains as opposed to a timing belt. Of course timing chains have the advantage of longer service life than the timing belt, but when they need changed, you find that
they are conveniently located on the rear of the engine between the engine and transmission. This requires removal of the engine and transmission to access the chains. This is by no means meant to be a write up on the procedure for carrying out this job. We do not have the time for that sort of thing, we are busy fixing cars. It is merely an entertainment piece into the inner workings of Peak Transport and what we do day to day.

This customer has serviced there 2004 allroad with us for the last 5 years and over 50000 miles. The mileage at the time of this work was 143000 miles. Lack of maintenance would not seem to be the cause of failure in this case. The car has always had synthetic oil. The main complaint was a ticking noise at idle. Car ran fine and had no fault codes. It was obvious that the noise was coming from the rear of the engine.
Since the timing chains are about the only thing that can make this noise, the owner decided to replace the chains. This turned out to be a very good decision as two of the main chain guides where completely missing from their proper locations. Pieces of them where scattered all throughout the timing cover and oil pan.

I will let the pictures below describe the fun the ensued.

Above you can see with the front of the allroad out of the way, the engine is much more accessible. The amount of engine and cooling systems that German engineers can pack into a small space is truly amazing. We had done valve cover gaskets on this car about a year ago and the cleanliness of the top of the engine as well as the old oil residue can be seen here. Also of note, nothing is run by the ACC belt but the alternator. All other accessories are run by the timing chains. More on that in a bit.

Just like that, it slides right out. Believe it or not, the removal and install are the easiest parts of this job.

Here you can see the ECM and wiring harness piled on top. Best to do it this way. Next up, separate the engine and transmission to get a better look.

The back side of the engine, ready to be explored up on our Snapon engine stand.

As soon as the upper timing covers came off, the problem started to present itself with chunks of chain guide just laying about.

The whole burrito in all its glory. Four timing chains, a slew of guides, tensioners, and the accessory drive in the lower left.
The close looker will see the upper guide and left side guide of the primary chain completely missing.

There should be a guide here.

Also, there should be a guide here. The only reason that this engine didn’t jump time is the low clearance between the chain and the case, and the great tensioning system Audi uses.

A close up of the gearing for the accessory drive. Why use a belt to drive power steering and AC when you have this?

With all the chains and sprockets removed we can get everything cleaned and find all those missing guide pieces.

there were a handful like this and more to be found later in the oil pan.

New chains and guides in place ready to start the reassembly journey. In the end the engine ran like new again and of course the ticking was gone. If you have a ticking noise in your chain driven 4.2L then I highly suggest you get that looked in to. And remember, we are professionals, don’t try this at home.

Audi Prologue Concept Car | Audi Bend Oregon

In ancient Rome, a common saying to each other amongst citizens was “Quo Vadis?” Meaning, where are you headed? At times in the automotive world this has been a good question. Companies sometimes have created confusion as to their intended direction, with their unfocused and disjointed efforts at new horizons. By contrast, Audi recently revealed a penetrating view into its design future via its all-new Prologue concept car. This sleek and stunning coupe opens to public view the powerful new direction for all upcoming cars from the cutting-edge Audi brand, the one who brought us quattro and many other innovations over the years.

At a recent unveiling in Los Angeles, there was no lack of clarity from Audi regarding where it is headed. As Marc Lichte, Audi’s design chief stated:

Ladies and gentlemen, this is the new face of Audi. The foundation for this new design was a very simple and coherent design strategy: An Audi has to be sporty, an Audi has to be progressive and also sophisticated.”

Here is a video that shows the concept vehicle, and briefly goes into a few key aspects of this design direction:

Although this direction was revealed in coupe form, this new design language will   first be used in actual production on the next Audi A8 full-size sedan. The plan is then to utilize it with the A6 and A7 siblings. Audi was silent regarding the key question as to   exactly when the new generation of A8 would arrive. However, in the automotive gossip circles it is rumored that it will be on the market no later than 2017. Shortly after this, Audi is expected to produce a new model, the A9 coupe that would rival the Mercedes S-Class Coupe. The Prologue concept car might be fairly close to how the A9 will turn out in actual appearance.

In automotive history, many concept cars have actually been little more than mere exaggerations of what eventually came out of the assembly line. However, in this recent unveiling, Lichte was very firm that most aspects of the Prologue concept are feasible, and are actually already headed to the market:

This car is the essence of all three cars,” Lichte said. “That means all the elements you see in this show car will go into production.

One aspect that immediately stands out is the trapezoidal grille, which sits wider and lower than on existing models. The vehicle also rests in a very balanced way across its wheelbase, which further emphasize the all-wheel drive. On this vehicle there are also flared arches, reminiscent of the legendary Ur-Quattro.

The car has to be timeless but also fashionable,” Lichte said. “The car should work for six, seven, eight years. In that time, there are eight generations of iPhones.”

Lichte’s goal with the Audi’s new aesthetic was to create a compelling look that would age well, while at the same time honor previous generations of Audis.

Adventures in Marketing | VW Audi Sales | Bend Oregon

The Peak Transport Adventure

What do Teddy Roosevelt and the Amazon River have to do with Peak Transport Audi and VW?

Audi VW sales bend oregonIntrepid Marketing, our marketing agency, just published a blog that mentions Peak Transport’s journey to make the most of our marketing budget in innovative and creative ways. We want all of Bend, Oregon and beyond to know about our Audi and VW sales and service. The article will also run in the Cascade Business News this month. Read the article by clicking the link, below.