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So…Who Are We, Anyway?

It’s not much of a mystery who we are: A family-owned business made up of people who love the Bend lifestyle. We’re passionate about our little shop, and treating people with the utmost care is essential to our reputation. We don’t want to say “we have integrity”; we would rather demonstrate it.

We know that getting your car repaired or serviced, or shopping for your next car can be about as much fun as a kid getting a cavity filled. But if you leave with a cool new toothbrush and a visit to the treasure chest of toys by the door, you leave with a smile. We’re kind of like that. We want to transform a “have to” into a “like to.” From the awesome d├ęcor and free WiFi in our waiting room to the sweet tees, hats and stickers we have for our clients, we think you’ll actually enjoy the experience!Audi Bend Oregon

Why Peak Transport?

Peak Transport is the place you go when your warranty’s run out and you see just how expensive uncovered repairs and service can be. (We are more affordable.)

We’re the best and only choice for Audi and VW service and repair. We have the only VW Master Tech in town. (He’s really, really good. Really!)

We invite you to stop by, say hello and see what Peak Transport has to offer. Service, repair or finding your next ride–we’ll get you moving!


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    Entertaining video! My 2004 Audi allroad 4.2, which sudececed my 2001 A6 4.2, cruised effortlessly in Colorado. A shame that Audi doesn’t bring to us the European allroad 3.0 diesel. The current Subaru Outback may not have all the bells and whistles of the allroad, but I think it’s a worthy competitor. Our 2007 Outback 3.0 R LLBean has been rugged, reliable, and sure-footed.

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